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Chart a Course for an Abundant Life

Achieve Financial Freedom!

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Many people don't realize that the underlying stress and anxiety they feel is caused by financial challenges. I help fix this!

  • Do you and your partner frequently argue about money?

  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

  • Are you drowning in debt?

  • Are you worried about retirement?

  • Are you concerned about paying for college?

4 Steps to Financial Freedom

Coaching Process

Complimentary 60 Minute Consultation

Help me learn about your situation and what you would like to accomplish.  Our goal is to determine how we can best work together.

3-session package

6-session package
12-session package

We will review your current situation and discuss your goals and dreams.

Create a customized Game Plan for success

We will create a plan for success based on your unique situation, goals and dreams.

Start making your Financial Freedom a reality!

I will be there to guide you, inspire you and encourage you every step of the way!

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What's at Stake?

You have a Choice


You can either keep doing what you have always been doing and keep getting what you have always been getting.


You can learn new ways to handle your money and create the future you have always wanted. 

It is up to you!

I Believe in You!! (and you will too!)



"I have an appointment with an attorney next week to update my will.  Early this Spring I will make an appointment to talk  to my health insurance agent about signing up for Medicare.
Thank you so much for giving us some hope and direction for our finances. This was the kick-in-the-pants I needed to take care of my financial loose ends."

~Peggy D.

"These sessions have been eye opening and I feel like it's information that would have done so well for us years ago. We are making progress in changes but it's a challenge for sure. Old dog, new habit. We appreciate your simple explanations and how you inspire us!"

~Karen M.

"We really appreciate how you helped us understand the importance of working together to make our goals!  We love seeing our progress on the debt snowball and know we will be out of debt soon!  Thanks for inspiring us!"

~Jeff & Mandy C.


I believe Romans 12:2 offers perfect wisdom on how to achieve Financial Freedom.  It reads, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world (be influenced to keep up with the Jones's), but be transformed (become who you were created to be) by the renewing of your mind (learning new ways to manage money) and you will discover God's will for your life."

I have spent 35 years in the financial services industry and come from a family of educators, so one of my great joys is teaching people how to be the best they can be at managing their money!

I am a Dave Ramsey certified Financial Coach Master. 

I have led several Financial Peace University classes during the past 20 years, helping class members payoff more than $500,000 in debt and building over $1,000,000 in savings!

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